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Before Amber became a mother, Art teacher and owner of Artwise, Amber began her creative endeavors in glassblowing.  She has spent the past 21 years focused on glass art and perfecting her skills as a flameworker.   The flame and beauty of this fluid, colorful, yet colorless medium has mesmerized her from the first day.  She discovered glass in NYC while attending Parsons School of Design.  Amber later graduated with a BFA in glass from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. She studied various glass techniques and processes which has enabled her to have a very expansive body of work.   Her sculptures vary from comical to frightening and many have been influenced by the scenes around her.  She strives to create works that will leave the viewer thinking about the art piece far after they have it out of view.  Each piece she creates is unique and executed with precision from paper to flame.  Amber recently received her Master's in Education.  Not only is she the owner of Artwise Northwest, where she brings art classes to students in the local elementary schools but we can also find her blowing glass in hot shops of Seattle.   When not teaching art or working on her creations, Amber can be found gardening, hiking, and spending time with her three daughters.  She hopes to forever continue the cycle of learning, teaching, and living through her art.



Amber creates one-of-a-kind art pieces.  The gallery below shows a variety of hand-blown glass pieces available for order.  Feel free to contact her for custom work, purchases, and inquiries.  


Banana Slugs  - 3-4 inches
Snail - 2.5 inches 
jellyfish .jpg
jellyfish detail Pellegrini .JPG
Jellyfish ornament - 4 inches
Nest with eggs 
4-6 inches 
Kraken & Submarine
8 inches
slug with edmonds sign .jpg
close up little guy.jpg
"Little guys" -  1.5 inches
Gas masks -  1.5 inches 
Acorn ornament - 2 inches
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